Saturday, January 25, 2014


about 8 years ago or so i made up a new handwriting for myself. my own font. i loved it. i don't even try to have it now, it's just what my handwriting is. i think that's kind of weird. i wanted a new handwriting for my art so i made it up and then i adopted it for everything .... it made for some good looking to do lists and post it notes for my family .... but lately, it isn't what i've wanted ... i've been going with swoopy cursive with some dots and dashes .... the funny thing about that is i didn't learn cursive as a kid ... i taught it to myself as an adult ... weird, right? i still am not clear on/good at uppercase cursive ... but that's ok since i generally avoid caps at all cost ....

a friend asked me for this quote .... it's a good one, right?

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