Thursday, January 23, 2014

home sweet home.

most of the country is freezing today, huh? makes you want to stay in bed with all the covers pulled up to your nose with one gloved hand holding the kindle .... or is that just me? and yet we get up and go out and walk the dog and whine in our heads in wonderment that even with the weather in the teens the sweet dog takes too long .... but back to my warm house i go, and the dog can barely wait for me to get my gloves off, she's so anxious for her treat .... she likes being in doors during the cold too .....winter is more of a nesting time than summer i think ... and this painting is definitely about home, nesting, comfort... as all my nest paintings have been ... but it has a decidedly warm spin to it, don't you think? ....

warm thoughts to you and yours this cold winter morning.

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