Friday, January 31, 2014

three feet square.

this used to be a painting with some flowers ... on a blue background ... and i never finished it cause i never liked it much and was having trouble fixing it ... so ... feeling liberated, i covered it all in gesso mixed with some pale yellow paint ..... some flowers still showed so i covered them here and there with some dictionary pages .... any darker rectangles you see above are book pages ...... and then once that was done, i washed on some mat medium, raw umber fluid acrylics, burnt sienna hard body acrylic .... and i kept spritzing it with my trusty water squirt bottle to keep it damp as i worked it in .... when it was all wet and even, i picked up half the paint and created texture by using a trash bag .... any plastic works, but for this big a canvas, the trash bag is the right size .... then i added hearts from my hodge podge of papers that are sitting around in my studio ..... can i just confess right now that my studio might be the messiest it has EVER been .... but i need to keep plugging away at painting to meet some deadlines .... i think i'll clean sometime in the end of february .... hope i can stand my mess for that long! i don't like the mess, but that certainly doesn't stop me from making it!

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Kelly Warren said...

I love this! I have a large 30 x 30 painting that I did in a class I took that I totally need to rework.