Sunday, April 29, 2007

ace of hearts

i have been doodling my little heart out in a happy doodle is fun and is no pressure artistic freedom.....i've signed up on chrysti's website for a doodle swap......a "get your doodle on" bonanze, fiesta, grand i have now braved my way out of my doodle journal ...i went to my studio to slice some appropriate sized cards for doodling on.....and in all my fuzzy brained-ness, never did! ....i did put away some paint from last week, file some painted dictionary pages away into the right spot so that i can find them when i need them....i wrapped a gift.......i rearranged my then when i got back upstairs and realized i hadn't done what i'd gone down to do.....i wished i just had some cards already...and well, whaddaya know? i do have that's why this doodle is an ace.....i've done about ten...some worthy of being photographed, some...not so much.....i have some others on my flickr site......go peek.......

who are you reading this? i have loads of HITS...people peeking in....i'm keeping track! ....but a lot of you do not tell me you are reading my blog.....i wish you would....but it is ok if you don't......but so now i'm talking to, who read me and don't tell me you read me.......i'm talking to you...and i would like to you doodle? you is a very easy past time.....soothing for the artistic soul......

get your doodle on!

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AJ said...

Hi Elizabeth!

AJ here. One of your regular readers. I know exactly how you feel about writing and writing in your blog and not hearing back from people. Gets a little weird after a while. I appreciate your leaving comments in my blog. As to your question about doodling, sadly I do not doodle. With the store to run and several shows to do a year and now my own blog to keep up with, 'doodle time' just doesn't happen for me. But then, I like to paint more that I like to draw or doodle. So for now I remain a 'vicarious doodler' and get my doodle fix from reading your blog!

Have a GROOVY day!