Monday, April 16, 2007

zippy, yippee, hooray!

a blog friend, cheryl , set me up with an editor, ray, looking for artsits.....dare i say, he was looking for groovy toovy artists....and what do you know....i submitted some art to him....he accepted some of them.....and he's putting them in a book.....zippy, yippee, hooray! can't say that too many times....zippy, yippee, hooray!

and now, i must whip out my art journal or my doodle journal because i have not arted a single snibblet today....instead, i have had unexpected cousins, progeny of an unexpected, travelling brother and his wife....and rather than the planned art (oh no, my landscape!) ...we went to the zoo.....tra la la......i called the attendance hotline and said that my littlest needed to take a personal that ok?

it is a zippy, yippee, hooray kind of day.......


random notes said...

congratulations on your art being accepted! Good for you, it's all about "submitting" what you do so everyone can see it. Please let us all know when it will be published.

Cheryl Prater said...

Way to go, e.beck! Debbi Crane got some cards in as well. I will accept my cut of our commision in chocolate, chardonnay or Dick Blick gift certificates. Cool!