Saturday, January 26, 2008

little bit of fixing up ....

so, my pal jeannie started a blog.... a knitting blog .... and it got me thinking about my blog .... and doing a bit of a tidy ..... in my previous list of blogs in my margin, i had five .... but, i have about ten that i go to nearly every day ..... and i have about thirty that i really enjoy and wish i went to every day my margin, for your surfing pleasure .... i have updated my list of groovy spots to read away an evening ..... 

what's your favorite blog? .... leave me a link and i'll go check it out...... and i bet if you are here reading this, that i go read yours regularly too! 


jeannie said...

I live by reading the
She is a knitter and an author (of knitting humor books)
she cracks me up
my blog will never be that good
but I will dream
glad I caused someone to clean house - even if it is just blog house

Anonymous said...

There are so many blogs I love to look at. This is one of my favorites: decor8

see you there! said...

The list in my sidebar just got a little longer. I added a link to your blog, can't believe I didn't do that sooner.