Monday, January 28, 2008

uh oh

boy + barf = no school today

barf boy + no school today = no art

no art + cancellation of art date = grumpy me 

no art + promise of art in yesterdays blog = disappointed you 

barf boy + no school + cancelled art date + no art + promise of art + grumpy me + disappointed you = an apology + behest to come again tomorrow 


on the bright side .... i watched star wars 3: revenge of the sith today ...... let's hope i don't have to watch episode 4 tomorrow! 


Anonymous said...

Oh dear...I hope your dear son feels better...I had D home sick Friday....I was hardly home....that's what happens when they get older. Then G had an upset tummy....she stayed home with D on Sunday...that's what happens when they get older....enjoy those sick days with only one child....they're actually really a treat in disguise! Love, Roberta

jeannie said...

Hope tomorrow is a better day. I hate when a day goes off the tracks.

Heidi ( said...

Barf is never good. Ever. Hope it's just a 24 hour bug. And you had such high hopes for today! Good thing tomorrow always comes!

Vallen said...

ewwwoh, not so good. Sorry. Maybe he'll nap and you can sneak some art time in.

CollageContessa said...

So sorry to hear your day slid downhill. Hope your DS is doing better now. Hopefully you'll get some art time soon!