Thursday, January 17, 2008


1/4 .... number of inches of snow in our "winter weather event" .... that was yesterday evening .. this morning there was only a smidge left on our roof .... my children were SO distraught that they didn't get a snow day! 

14 .... number of canvases i worked on today .... here's a sampling: 

3 to 7 ... the ratio of monkeys to art on my mantle: 

4... the number of canvases i have completed this year ( i'm just counting canvases, not all art projects)  .... so this home on a heart is my fourth of the year ... ALL four have hearts on them ... i hope i'm not overdoing a theme! 

45 .... the horrifying number .... and the answer to the question on my last blog .... i had some good guessers ... 10 ... 20... 30 ... 100! (my kind of gal!)  ... but no, my pal al bought me 45 canvases ... 20 that are 6 by 6 .... 20 that are 12 by 12 .... and 5 that are 30 by 10 ..... they were bargains .... i had to have them! 

1 ... the number of rulers inadvertently glued to my table

2... the number of pencils glued to the table 

756 ... the number of blobby glue mishaps i had in my artistic frenzy

0 .... the number of times i got in my car and went somewhere today .... i didn't NOT leave the house .... i walked the kids to school ... i walked the dog multiple times .... i walked to pick my youngest up from a playdate .... but i never WENT anywhere ..... all day long i worked in my studio ... i was working hard! ... i got a TON accomplished .... i have many, many, many canvases started now ..... all in various stages of completion .... none further than just background ..but some of them have four or five different background layers..... it was a painty, lovely day .....

tell me one of your interesting numbers! 


jeannie said...

loving your insightful/ quirky questions...
3 kids that I run after, pickup, entertain, oh and do laundry after
1 nice phone call from my CA brother! - and for no good reason
1 finished object - in my knitting resolution
I have tiny numbers

Heidi ( said...

45 canvases? wow!!!!

ONE the number of small teddy bears I sewed of pink felt...for my 1 granddaughter

ZERO the number of small teddy bears I sewed of blue felt ...for my 1 grandson


see you there! said...

3 - cups of coffee
2 - phone calls
1 - load of laundry
0 - art

That's the kind of day it is here.

You are sure working at your goal tho. Good for you!


Bonnie said...

Great work.