Tuesday, November 13, 2007

happy tuesday ....

the work of our hands art work on invitation:

last night, drew and i loaded all my art display grids into my car (remind me to tell you about my car sometime, it's a great car)
..... and this morning, i loaded 14 canvases and 25 prints ..... checked out my inventory sheet and so forth, then delivered it all to st. anne's .....
at st. anne's they are having an art show .... thursday night opening .....friday saturday sales ..... sunday afternoon i pick up what's left and my grids ....... not much work for me to do this show!!

the best part is that work of our hands is an episcopal art organization ....

here's what i grabbed off their website:
"“And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.” Psalm 90:17

Our Mission:

To support and conduct art education programs and training in the arts at two inner city locations, and to conduct mini Folk-School workshops and retreats.

To encourage, support the creation of unique art, folk art and crafts and to make this work available to the public so as to encourage ownership and appreciation of the arts and to provide income for the artists..

Core Values:
We believe in the goodness of creation, and that when people create they are a mirror of the hand of the creator.

We believe that every person has a creative spirit and should be encouraged to develop and share their gifts.

We value collaboration above competition.

We value honesty, integrity, industriousness.

We value diversity."

so ... fifty percent of my sales goes towards art programs for those who woulnd't otherwise have creative outlets .... pretty nice, i think ..... and for you faithful readers, you might remember that emmaus house is near and dear to my heart and i have done week long programs with their children for a couple summers now ...... as a storyteller and an artist ...this year i did drawing journals with them ....

so anyway, that's all good, AND another fab part was how nice it was to drop my stuff, meet new people who were just so lovely and helpful and complimentary about my art ...... i set up my grids and set out my art ... i left four extra grids for them to use to display other artists ..... and on thursday i'm going to the opening ... tra la la .....

art for a good cause ... perfect ..... cross your fingers that i sell loads!!!

i should do a blog contest ..... how many of those 25 prints are going to sell??? but no, that wouldn't be very original, would it?? feel free to take a guess if you are so inclined ....?

i did a lot of art WORK today ... but not artworks .... there's always tomorrow ....i'll try to remember to take my camera to pottery!!

tra la la and happy day to you ....


jeannie said...

I am always up for a guess!


I think people will buy alot - especially for a good cause!

yeah for you miss e --- I love your giving spirit

*Heidi* said...

...hope there's a wonderful turnout there, and you sell lots...wow fifty percent is generous! that's greata!