Monday, November 19, 2007

there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things i want and need to do but if something is going to fall to the wayside i hope it isn't this

my blogging is getting later and later at night .... ouch! what's a girl to do? i certainly don't want to skip a day if i can help it..... i'd worry that my two faithful readers might forget to come back ..... there are only two of you, right? oh...three ... four? what? there are 26 of you? well speak up!

going to pottery today was errand number fifty three thousand, six hundred and twenty two .... or three .... and this platter was ready for me to bring home .... i'm happy with how it turned out .... did you know that pottery is kind of a cross your fingers kind of thing? you do your best and cross your fingers, say a prayer, make a wish .... and hope it comes out of the kiln looking good ... and maybe even like you thought it would look ... this one looks good to me problem spots ... but it did NOT turn out like i thought .... i didn't have the glaze thick enough apparently .... it is not green like i wanted ... so, i glazed another one today .... and used this same glaze THICK THICK THICK... now i run the risk that it'l be goopy and get bubbled or fogged or something wretched .... so ... i like this one because it came out attractive and functional .... will see what happens to the next one .....

my mom and dad are coming tomorrow!! yippee, i am lucky ..... even better than just having them here: my mom is an artist so we'll be playing in my studio ... yippeeeeee....


Jeannie said...

hey I am always checking in
you are lucky that the holiday season is sucking up my free time too

but keep blogging even if just for me

*heidi* said...

okay...i'm still here...barely!...just got back from cooking and cleaning for melissa...translated: held my grandbaby!

how fun to have your mother get to play with you in your studio...have fun with her and your father!

Cre8Tiva said...

have good fun with your parents...happy thanksgiving...blessings, rebecca

Anonymous said...

of course I'm still here!!!!
I always will be. :)
Happiest of Thanksgivings!
--Roberta :)