Sunday, November 27, 2011

i was browsing the internet ... and was at my newest happy place, pinterest, when i found a piece of art i liked, clicked it, and ended up on this VERY lovely artsy crafty happy blog, summerstead... at the bottom of each post there are links to other posts you might like (how do i get that on my blog, anyone?) ... and i clicked on this ... 31 days to finding harmony ... that sounds like a me thing, right? so i looked ... and read loads of posts ... and thought i could follow her harmony example ...

so, big idea here, once my november nablopomo post every day for a month challenge, i thought i might try posting every day in december .... harmony isn't such a me word ... but peace and joy? happy days? and i'd write about my joy for the day ... maybe i could even do a ranking system ... and mindfully not get all wiggy during the holidays ... i don't actually get wiggy during the holidays, but i know it's a thing, so if i feel it coming on, i avoid it ... so how 'bout it? are you a zen holiday type? or do you get wiggy and try to do too much?

any suggestions? if you are a regular reader and blogger, wanna do it with me? help me figure out what we want to do? hmmmmm ....
if you are a regular reader and not a blogger, what do you like to read about? 30 days of joy... or wait, i think december is 31 days .... i'm still thinking about it ... i have a few days to firm up my plans, right?

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see you there! said...

31 days if Joy sounds like fun although I have a hard time sticking to blogging about one topic.

I'm definately a zen type for the holidays. I enjoy them but I mostly enjoy them at places outside my home - like my daughter's houses, riding around looking at lights, shop windows, etc.

Our Big Contribution to the whole celebration is hosting the family Christmas Dinner. Otherwise I just put out a few treasured things, including a small painting you sent to me several years ago.