Monday, October 1, 2007

22 .... why is it possible for the english language to have pear, pair, and pare .... that's just crazy

....this is my 22nd collage in 22 days .... and in the last couple days i have thought i'd stop this challenge ... cause i was maybe doing things just to get them done.... not doing maybe what i wanted to be doing or doing things as involved as i sometimes do .... but, that said, i did this blue pair today and i am SOOOOOO SOOOOO SOOOOO SO happy with it .... hooray ..... it is just luscious in person ....the blue absolutely glows and i want to eat it up ..... i wish god had made blue pears! .... it is three FEET square ... humongously big and groovy..... anyway .... just wanted to quickly get this out into the world via flickr and blog i'm back to my studio, break is over ..... hope you are haivng a happy artsy day too .......


Jeannie said...

not sure - must be your happiness but this posted twice

I love it to
the Bronze effect (at least that is what the pic looks like to me) is very cool

YEAH e keep going

e. beck said...

isn't that weird it posted twice? i went and deleted one ...... the one you hadn't commented on!

i'm glad you like it!