Sunday, October 7, 2007

sunday is done .... i'm done!

i had a much better day today at the art fest ..... for one, it was shorter!! i might not be cut out for two day shows, they are exhausting! day shows are exhausting too ..... being ON that long to talk to strangers while you worry about whether they like your art is HARD .... in general, i'd say i have very few insecurities .... but being an artist, showing your wares can be a titch anxiety enducing ...... i actually met one woman today who was extraordinary .... ok, she might have been extraordinary cause she thought i was groovy, cool .... but she and her daughter studied my art for a long time.... i lost track of her .... and then she came back to me and said she'd read my artist bio and had been really touched by it ...... we ended up standing in front of my booth and talking about art and becoming who you are meant to be (side note: am i trying to become who i am meant to be or just who i wish i could be?) we talked so long that i even know her job, where she works, her husbands job, that she has to speak in public on wednesday, that she's nervous about it .... so, i, being who i am, told her exactly what she should be talking about!!! i don't know if i was being groovy, cool....or just know-it-all bossy!!! ha ...... anyway ..... this woman, whose name i don't know, who was so kind and appreciative .... we stood out there chatting so long that we even talked about god and prayer and ....well....i think we talked about everything but politics .... oh, that girl could really be my friend ..... isn't it weird to meet someone briefly and have it really stick with you?, here's weird too..... is she going to read this and think i'm weirdo, stalker, artist girl? ha! .... i know she has my blog address in her pocket!! hello there, sweet person, i truly enjoyed meeting you!

at this moment, i am melted into my couch.... tomorrow when i have found my get up and go, i'll find my camera and my picture sucking device .... and spit the photos of the booth out here into blog land ......

the big question?
will i do art tomorrow? any guesses? .... taking into account that my kids don't have school!!!!
i do know that i promised sophie donuts for breakfast .....

was that a goofy, disjointed blog entry? i believe it was .... oh well.... thanks for reading....particularly if you are the girl with no name ......

oh wait.... i did do something artsy today ..... i taught my journaling class this morning at sunday school ..... tra la la .... it made me happy to remember that!!!


*heidi* said...

Yeah, you did it! Two days of being "on"! Hope you're having a good old just plain fun groovy sort of artsy day with a plate of donuts in front of you.

I'll bet you're adding donuts to your artwork right now.

And, "hi" to your new friend-the girl with no name! (Just in case she really does read your blog!)

Hope to see your pictures, too!

Cre8Tiva said...

i love chance meetings...i hope she finds you again...i love your perspective on shows...i am not sure i could do transition into arthood...i am right there with ya ow do you know how many people came by your blog there a way to check stats on blogger? ...blessings, rebecca