Monday, October 29, 2007

happy monday, bloggy friends

yippee ... these are the five collages that i have made into prints ..... and am selling..... and have had a contest for!!
how many did i sell at the marist art festival?

jeannie guessed 77
heidi guessed 35
roberta guessed 55
cindy guessed 37
linda guessed 110
sallie guessed 154

my family guessed:
andy: 55
julia: 75 (she changed hers from lower because she didn't want to be the lowest guess in the family!)
sophie guessed 110
drew guessed 155

and i did a bad job of getting y'all to guess right .... if i'd been playing, i would have been closest without going over .... though that's not the rule..... heidi went over, but was closest ......

background: at the LAST fest i did.... norcross, two days, i sold fewer than 20 prints.... but still, i sold some!! what a relief!! ..... i thought with this one, marist, just a one day show, but with a buying crowd, that i'd sell the same amount .... twice the clip of selling with a shorter time, but still..... i thought about 20 .... and i sold 28 ..... so, better than i thought ... but WAY less than i led y'all to guess by saying guess between 10 and 200 ..... ha .... i never thought y'all would all guess so high .... it makes me VERY happy though to know that my best blog readers are all happy optimists ....

so..... heidi, you win, honey!!! hip hooray ..... tell me which one and what personalization you want .....

now, off to clean the DISASTER that i call my art studio!!!
happy monday!

ps .... stay tuned ....i'm going to do another contest for the show i have THIS weekend coming up ..... i'll announce it tomorrow or wednesday ...... yippee zippy hooray .....

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*Heidi* said...

Yippee!!!! Hooray!!! Lucky me!!! Good for YOU to sell those 28!!! Yippee!!! I knew you'd do well with those prints!!!! Very cool!!!! Very groovy!!! How awesome!!!!! BIG SMILE!!!!

I have my standing order in with you for the Christmas tree print, and for my winning print I'd like the "house above the clouds" (#2) and I will email you with the personalized info!

Thank you!!!!!!! Way cool fun!!!!