Monday, October 15, 2007

monopoly house .... a step up from the little green ones!

mondays are usually a great day for me ..... i try not to schedule anything, i get exercise in, i get house stuff done, i get loads of time being artsy ...... and today was just that ..... very full but very easy ...... my art time was mostly spent doing this piece .... i already had the green and blue background on the monopoly board, but nothing else ..... the canvas is 24 inches square ..... lined with maps and fab red van gogh acrylic .... with dark blue stamping ...... i used e6000 to get the monopoly board on .... and used my stash of already painted papers to do the home sweet home scene ..... i kind of talk to myself when i'm doing art by myself .... and the conversation i had with my self for part of this had to do with how HIGH the ceilings must be in that house to have such a short door and only two stories tall, judging by the windows...... anyway ..... i hope to make this one into prints that can be personalized individually ..... the tricky bit is that i don't know if this one is too busy to translate well into small .... we'll see though .... shan't we?

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Jeannie said...

looking good!