Sunday, October 14, 2007

to do

1. get a receipt book at office depot
2. capture grand pic of last painting to make prints for sale
3. make prints
4. do a christmas painting that can be personalized, photograph, make prints
5. do one more home sweet home painting to be personalized, photograph, make prints
6. make a banner for my booth at this banner making site
7. learn photo shop so i can make the image to put on the banner
8. try harder to learn photo shop
9. no really, try harder than that
10. give up learning photo shop and ask allison to make my banner for me
11. order moo business cards from flickr
12. think about stickers from moo for party favors at art show

i put another round of red paint on my last painting .... i had toned it down too far and wanted it brighter ..... other than that, my only artistic endeavor was reading photoshop for dummies ..... and i'm feeling a bit of a dummy .... i have this GRAND notion of what i want to do ..... but i'm learning in such infintessimally small babysteps that it migh be NEXT october before i know what i need to know ..... i'm actually a pretty good teacher, but maybe not so much when i'm teaching myself .... ha .....

oh.... i also taught my spiritual journaling class this morning ... that's artsy ..... and i played SIX games with sophie ..... she's more motivated than anyone in the family to get to our 500 game mark this year .....

hope your weekend was happy ......

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*Heidi* said...


Loved your to-do list today!