Sunday, October 21, 2007 to show you halloween!

.... my last blog pic was of the christmas tree for prints .... i've gotten some great feedback on it from here and from flickr .... hooray .... i'm sure that going with doodads was the right thing ..... i'll save the buttons for something else!! ...... so saturday, my artistic endeavor was a bunch of prep work ..... sorting papers and doing some canvas prep so that i can just go to town and get a BUNCH done all at once ...... i've made one clock .... and i'm planning on making a couple more, in the hopes that they might be something that'll sell at the show next saturday ... so, i have no clocks to show you, no art to show you , but i do have my mantel to show you .... i redecorated my mantel nearly every time i have a new piece of art .... after the last show, these were the pieces that i decided i like best, so they are on my mantel ....
.... my usual mantel monkeys are now in halloween tins that were gifts to my kids last year ...... i think they look awfully cute there .... and yes, i do realize that most grownups don't decorate with stuffed animals ..... and i'm ok with that .....

i taught my spiritual journaling class this morning ..... it is going GREAT ... we did a phrase from the prayer book " handiwork of the heavens" ..... the prayer goes great for any artsy souls:
O God,
may your “handiwork
in the heavens
and in the earth”
serve as a constant
reminder of your call
to us in our daily work.
May we come to better understand how
the works of our hands
serve and glorify
your holy name.
......i also (because i was supposed to, not because i really wanted to) gave out evaluation forms .... not the teacher evaluating the students ... but them evaluating me ..... eek! .... but they all came back with so many kind words that i'm glad i HAD TO hand them out! ...... so my ten week course is going to turn into the whole school year ...... so now, i could start wearing my paint clothes to church even .... ha .....
i have a cousin and his family coming to spend the day here .... so i don't think i'll be getting any studio time in today ...but tomorrow....of course, tomorrow .....
happy sunday .....

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